Back In The Belt Diary

Here in Charlotte, NC at a hipster coffee shop wondering if I’ve got too much gray in my beard to be here. I’m a little tired and not the cleanest I’ve ever been but man the last few days have been so much fun. We started off the tour with 2 band shows in Bay St. Louis, MS and Memphis, TN, which were just fun hanging out with some of my favorite people on the planet. Add music to the equation and it makes for an amazing experience.

Friday night I headed out on my acoustic part of the tour. I drove to Birmingham, AL from Hattiesburg, MS and I got to see a friend from high school, Emily, who I haven’t seen in many a year. She was so kind to let me stay at, well her friends’ house actually. Thanks Jessie! So I headed to Knoxville, TN to see two of my dearest friends Kyle and Katie Howe. Had a blowout about 5 minutes before I got to the house. Oh the road, oh the road. We played some corn hole, a little music at their house show and reminisced around a campfire.

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Then the going it solo part really started. I played a set in Johnson City, TN with a really good Nashville swooner named Jordan Hull at the quirkiest place I’ve ever stepped foot in, The Acoustic Coffeehouse. Good people. I drove to Asheville, NC that night and found the nearest Wal-Mart where I set up shop in their parking lot and got some sleep (and I use the word some lightly). Getting comfy in a Camry isn’t easy, even for a tiny human such as myself

Last night was one of those shows that you’ll always remember. I played at The Town Pump Tavern in Black Mountain, NC which reminded me so much of Ole Tavern in Jackson, MS. The night had it all. Good hangs with great local folks. A drugged out x-boyfriend came in and starting yelling at the bartender (x-girlfriend). Almost fights by the patrons defending the bartender. Police finally came and took him out. Rock and roll baby.

I promised this person I wouldn’t say anything but it’s too good not to tell. So a military guy walks up to me in between one of my sets and says ‘you have the glory of God all over you’. He then hands me a large wad of cash and tells me he wants to support me and he appreciates what I’m doing. Thank you buddy. You don’t know how much that meant to a broke musician. Angels are everywhere friends. We just have to open our eyes to catch em.

Playing in Charlotte, NC tonight at Crown Station with Nathan Storey and tomorrow I get to see Brett (Skitch Biscuits) and Cary Anne Hart! We’re playing at The Cave in Chapel Hill, NC! Come on out and say hey!

Mucho love,