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Reseña de Intacto

Reseña de Intacto

Josh Brister, nuestro querido amigo barbudo de Mississippi, vuelve con un nuevo trabajo, esta vez un EP con un registro diferente, el de la alabanza y la adoración. Cinco nuevas canciones compuestas y grabadas en español que, sin lugar a dudas, traerán aire fresco. El título elegido para este EP es “Intacto” y mientras lo […]

Are We Happy Now?

I’ve been leading worship since 2000 and yes; our youth band name was Last Breath. So intense. Our name wasn’t nearly as good/bad as my buddies across town whose name was Way of Salvation. Needless to say, youth worship band names are always the best/worst. I also remember the days of transparencies, kumbaya camp fires […]

Back In The Belt Diary

Here in Charlotte, NC at a hipster coffee shop wondering if I’ve got too much gray in my beard to be here. I’m a little tired and not the cleanest I’ve ever been but man the last few days have been so much fun. We started off the tour with 2 band shows in Bay […]

¿Vender o no vender mi música?

¿Vender o no vender mi música?

Cuando decidí aventurarme en esto de la música, no tenía ni idea de lo que implicaba. Cuanto más me adentro en ello, más me doy cuenta de porqué los artistas tienen agentes, asesores y todo un equipo de gente que se asegura de que todo esté en orden mucho antes de que el artista ponga […]

Have We Lost the Plot?

For the many of you out there who have no idea who I am. My name is Josh Brister. I’m a regular dude, southern musician/worship leader who has been serving as a missionary in Spain for the last almost 2 years. My last visit to Mississippi was one of the best experiences of my life. […]

Sonrisas to Abundance

Today is one of those Mississippi days to remember. I’m at a coffee shop in downtown Jackson surrounded by wonderful people and the sun is shining so bright I can barely read the words I’m typing on the screen. After being back home for a bit, I’m reminded why I love this place so much. […]

Shame to Sonrisas

Back in March of 2009, I made the plunge to leave good ole’ Mississippi to be an English teacher in Barcelona, Spain. I decided to leave behind so many things that made me who I was back in the States. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was a musician when I got here, […]